Diabetes Awareness Could Save A Life

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Why Coke and Pepsi Will Talk Obesity, but Not Diabetes

One of the symptoms is extreme thirst, and of course this happened during a heat wave, so of course she was thirsty, we were all thirsty and then one of the other symptoms is excessive urinating. Well, if you just drank the equivalent of an aquarium full of water, of course youre going to have to go to the bathroom. Other symptoms of diabetes include weight change, extreme fatigue or lack of energy, blurred vision, tingling or numbness in the hands or feet, frequent or recurring infections and cuts and bruises that are slow to heal. Rowan had most of these symptoms leading up to her hospital visit. Clark had taken her daughter to see two separate doctors in an effort to figure out what was going on, but diabetes was never thought to be a cause, and therefore it was never tested for. I just want to let other parents know that if they see these symptoms, please do not let it go.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.coastreporter.net/article/20131108/SECHELT0101/311089982/-1/sechelt/diabetes-awareness-could-save-a-life

- Krystin, Rowan and Trinity Clark want everyone to know the signs and symptoms of diabetes so they can catch it and treat it before it becomes deadly. Rowan was diagnosed with type one diabetes at the age of six after a terrifying ordeal. - Christine Wood photo

In a study published in the journal Nature, researchers suggested that glucose regulation is controlled by coordinated interactions between both the brain and insulin-producing tissues in the pancreas a theory that could eventually pave the way for new treatments for the disease. Based on a review of both human and animal studies, the researchers speculated that while the pancreas reacts to increased levels of blood glucose by releasing more insulin, the brain is also heavily involved in helping the body maintain normal glucose levels. Type 2 diabetes occurs when both of these systems fail, according to Medical News Today. Currently, treatments for type 2 diabetes rely almost exclusively on methods that attempt to either increase insulin or regulate the bodys sensitivity to insulin.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.foxnews.com/health/2013/11/07/brain-may-play-crucial-role-in-development-type-2-diabetes/

Diabetes Google Doodle

Diabetes Google Doodle

I completely understood their logic. But, in my opinion, diabetes is quirky! A lot of quirky people have diabetes. Diabetes may even make us quirky. We all have nerdy carb-counting apps on our phones.
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